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- This website is composed with the help of many people, including people who are not medically trained, and it's contents are FOR RESEARCH ONLY. You must do your own research and not implement any information from this website into practice without first speaking with a licensed doctor and a licensed naturopath.

- You warrant that any content you submit to this website is free from any copyright and any other encumberment. You warrant that you are legally allowed to submit such content. You warrant that any content you submit becomes - at the moment of submission - the sole property of

- You understand that any input/editing you provide may be edited again by other users or moderators. In some case, for example spam, moderators may even remove your input/edits entirely. In extreme cases of misuse, moderators may block your account.

- This website links to many websites on the net. Some are highly moral, others less so. Such sites are not under our control and they may contain information we do not agree with. It is also suggested to use advertising, image, and script blockers when visiting various sites around the net. Some suggestions are AdBlockPlus, NoScript, Image block etc.